The Quest to Fulfill One’s Humanness

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ
In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

I think, being a true a human being, one must explore several levels of quests to fulfill one’s humanness. The first quest is the quest to be a morally good person, to be able to choose good. Most of us understand this quest, but most of us just stop there. To them, being good, doing good and staying good are the only quest of life. But, there is more. Is he not curious on what’s the impact of all the good? Is he not curious on where will the good lead him to? Has the thought of “there is something more to life” come to his mind? Hence, no, one must not stop here at this first quest. He needs to continue to the second quest.

And the second quest is to know and understand the order of life and the world. Our life and this world are operated based on some kind of order, one Order. There can’t be more than one Order. In analogy, a rose only blooms in one way; by opening its buds slowly. And it has been following this Order since its beginning, since its existence. The rose does not have different ways to bloom. In fact, let’s say, the rose decides to change its normal Order of blooming. Let’s say, it wants to bloom by opening its buds quicker, or closing its buds forever. Will it bloom? Are those considered as the acts of blooming? No it will not and no they are not. In fact, changing its natural blooming order will only cause it harm. Hence, there is only one Order. One must understand this Order, so that one would know how to co-exist with life and the world. So that one could know what action would lead to which consequence. So that, among all kinds of choices, one could know which is the right choice that corresponds well with the Order. So that one could be careful, one would have consciousness. And the quest does not stop there. Is he not curious of the truth behind this Order?

So the quest needs to continue to the next level; the quest for the Truth. Most human beings have not reached here. To them, there are several truths, and different spirit could follow their own truth. But the reality is there is only one Truth since there is only one Order. To illustrate, the truth is human beings only breathe oxygen, while plants depends on carbon dioxide. They can’t be interchangeable. Nothing can change this truth. There is no second truth that claim human beings can also breathe both oxygen and carbon dioxide interchangeably. There is no third truth declaring, other than carbon monoxide, plants can also depend on oxygen, helium and nitrogen in its process to be alive. No, there is only one Truth. In the midst of many truths that human beings are declaring, there is only one Truth that corresponds well with the one Order. So should one stop his quests here? No, one should pursue further to the highest quest.

And the highest quest is to search for Who is behind all the good, the one Order and the only one Truth. Someone or something must be behind all these. They can’t exist on their own. Someone or something is looking after and guiding the rose, which does not have a mind and conscience of its own, so that it won’t bloom in the wrong way that would harm itself. There must be someone or something that manages the oxygen to travel to the breathing organs of human beings, and filter the carbon dioxide to be absorbed only by the plants. Someone or something must be so Great that such intricate and unseen processes of truth are occurring to millions of human beings and plants around the globe for billions of years and they have never ever been mishandled. Never ever. Hence, someone or something Great is behind all the good, the one Order and the only Truth. Are you not curious to get to know that Great someone or something? Who is He? Where can you find Him? How can you find Him? There is only One behind all these. There can never be two or three or four. If there were more than one, then there will be chaos. For in order to maintain in harmony, all the good, the one Order and the one Truth only follow and obey the directions from One Great Source.

I firmly believe, being a true a human being, one must explore several levels of quests to fulfill one’s humanness; The quest to be morally good, the quest to understand and apply the actual Order of life and this world, the quest to find the absolute Truth and embrace it, and finally all of the former quests should lead one to the ultimate quest and curiosity – that is to know Who is the Great One behind all of these, Who is behind the good, the Order, the Truth, life, death and everything that is beyond comprehension and everything that is beyond human beings’ limited capacity.

Who is He? Where do you find Him? And how do you find Him?

Begin your quests now. Or otherwise, you have not fulfilled your true nature of humanness.

Wallahu’ alam.

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